Degree in Traditional Animation  - “Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia” (National Film Institute), Turin 

High School Diploma in Fine Arts  - “Liceo Artistico Renato Cottini”, Turin  


EMMY nomination for "Outstanding main title and graphic design - 2D animation" on Disney's Duck Tales




Storyboard Artist

(Blue Sky Studios, USA)

“Escape from Hat”

Storyboard Artist

(Netflix, USA)


Senior Animator

(Cartoon Saloon, Ireland)

“Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon”

Storyboard Artist

(Aardman Animation, UK)

“Ron's Gone Wrong”

Storyboard Artist

(Locksmith Animation, London)

“The Breadwinner”


(Cartoon Saloon, Ireland)

“Song of the Sea”

Storyboard Artist, Animator 

(Cartoon Saloon, Ireland)

• “The Secret of Kells”

2D Animator, Flash Animator, Posing Artist 

(Cartoon Saloon, Ireland)

• 2010 Academy Awards ceremony

Animator (animated a 20 seconds 'interview' clip to represent “The secret of Kells” in the Best Animated Feature category)

"We're going on a bear hunt"


(Lupus Film, London)

"Mo The Mighty"

Storyboard artist, development

(Tiny Giants, UK)

• “Top Cat”

Flash Animator  

(Cartoon Saloon, Ireland)

• “Little Caribou”

Animator, development

(Barley Films, Ireland)  


• “Duck Tales”  - opening titles


(Golden Wolf, London)

• “Hey Duggee”  


(Studio AKA, London)

• “Gravity Falls” pilot

Flash Animator

(House of Cool, Canada)

• “LEGO - Nexo Knights”

Storyboard Artist

(M2 Entertainment, London)

• “Wanda and the Alien”

Storyboard Artist

(Mackinnon and Saunders, Manchester)

• “Randy Cunningham” titles


(Passion Pictures, London)

• “Verne on vacation

Animator, Storyboard Artist

(Cartoon Network, London)

• “Nella Knightly”  

Storyboard Artist

(Brown Bag Films, Manchester)

• “Mansour”

Storyboard Artist

(Fanar Production)

• “Skunk Fu!”

Storyboard Artist, Flash Animator

(Cartoon Saloon, Ireland)  

• “Fleabag Monkeyface”

Storyboard Artist

(Cartoon Saloon, Ireland) 

• “Wibbly Pig”

Storyboard Artist

(Wish Films, London) 

• “Wulfie”


(A man & Ink, Ireland)

• “Spike Team”

Storyboard Artist

(Graphilm, Rome)

• “Monsters and Pirates”

Storyboard Artist

(Graphilm, Rome)


• “Eddie of the Realms Eternal” pilot


(Cartoon Saloon, Ireland)

• “The Bird and the Whale” short film


(Paper Panther Productions, Dublin)

• “League of Legends” Riot Games trailer


(Golden Wolf, London)

• “Headspace” iPhone app

Storyboard Artist

(Nexus, London)

• “Gillette” World Cup ad


(The Line, London)

• “NBA Asia” ads


(Golden Wolf, London)

• “Wawa” ads

Storyboard Artist

(Golden Wolf, London)

• “Tom Tom GPS”ad


(Cartoon Saloon, Ireland)

• "Specsavers, Digital precision eyecare" ad


(Encycle Studios - London)

• “China Mobile” ad


(Cartoon Saloon, Ireland)

• “And I Love” music video

Animator/Character Designer/Storyboard Artist/Director

(Wayne Brennan ltd) 



"Nella's Unicorn Rescue"

(Penguin Random House, New York)

• “My Monster Burrufu”

(Petite Grand Idée, Los Angeles)

• “Leila Blue” – vol.1,2,3,4,5,6

(Mondadori, Italy)



Storyboarding, 2-weeks workshops at The Animation Workshop, Denmark

Storyboarding, 2-weeks workshops at National Film Institute, Italy

Animation masterclass at Filem’on International Film Festival, Belgium

Private animation mentoring online

Software Knowledge

•Tv Paint, Adobe Animate

•Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects

•Storyboard Pro

Spoken Languages

English - fluent



Photography, Fashion design, Sewing, Swing dancing

Professional Recommendations

"Alessandra Sorrentino’s work on “The Secret of Kells” was of a very high standard and was used as an example for all the other studios involved in the production to follow.

She has an excellent ability to convey emotion and feelings in her animation. Her drawing skills are excellent and she works very well in a team environment. She brings a lot to every scene she animates and takes direction well.

She also animated a number of sequences in Flash which were in varied styles and her work on these sequences was also very strong. I would have no hesitation to recommend her for any position in either medium.

It was a pleasure to work with her.“

Tomm Moore,

Director on the Feature Film “The Secret of Kells”

Cartoon Saloon


“Alessandra Sorrentino has been working as a storyboard artist on the animated series Wibbly Pig, for the BBC and TVO. I’ve previously worked with Alessandra as a storyboard artist on another show and was eager to work with her again. Alessandra’s work has been amazing throughout the series. She’s a great storyboard artist, great draftsmen and great animator. Her boards made our lives very easy. Her timing and posing are always perfect.

I’ve worked in animation for 20 years and worked with some great artists. I’m pleased to say Alessandra is way up there with the best of them.

I look forward to working with Alessandra again in the future.

Jez Hall

Director on “Wibbly Pig”



“Working with Alessandra was a real pleasure. She was animating on a short film I directed for Cartoon Network and I was glad she was involved in it. Alessandra is really motivated, optimistic and dedicated to her work as well as very talented. She's got a great sensibility in her work with a lot of refinement and details, and she still reached the deadline without problems. As a director I could totally rely on her, she gave the best she could on the project and welcomed any feedback or suggestions about her work in a professional way. I'll ask Alessandra to work with me whenever I can in the future, and I would recommend her to anybody.”

Sylvain Marc,

Director on “Verne’s Vacation”

Cartoon Network Development Studio


"Alessandra Sorrentino provided hand drawn animation on “The Secret of Kells” to a very high standard and high quality Flash sequences, which are part of the film as well.

She is very experienced, switching from hand drawn to computer based animation with ease. I am very happy with her work on the production, she always judged the action, acting and mood of the scenes very well, all the time keeping the characters on model. I have no hesitation in recommending Alessandra.

She is a very talented and highly skilled artist who works very well on her own, or as part of a team."

Nora Twomey,

Co-director and Supervising Animator on “The Secret of Kells”

Cartoon Saloon


"As Head of the Clean-up Department on “Brendan And The Secret Of Kells”, I got to work very closely with Alessandra and was extremely impressed by her professionalism and dedication throughout the duration of the production.

She consistently managed to combine excellent animation with the unique design features of “Aisling”, a balance which most animators on this particular production had difficulty achieving.

The extra effort which Alessandra made to assist other departments in maintaining the unique style of “Aisling” was greatly appreciated, resulting in some of the most visually impressive scenes of the film.

It’s been my pleasure to work with Alessandra, both as a person and as an artist.

I think any production would benefit hugely by having her as part of their team."

Martin Fagan

Head of Clean-up Department in “The Secret of Kells”

Cartoon Saloon


"Having worked with Alessandra Sorrentino, in her capacity as a Storyboard Artist and also as an extremely competent Animator I can heartily recommend her for her diligence, huge talent, very pleasant manner and professional attitude to her work.

She has been a delight to work with and I personally look forward to working with her again in the future."

Barry Reynolds

Lead Character Designer and Concept artist in “The Secret of Kells”

Cartoon Saloon


“The quality of Alessandra’s animation on “Skunk Fu” was excellent and some is also used in the title sequence of the series.

She also worked in the storyboard department, boarding three episodes that are among the best of the series. 

She met every deadline and proved willing to work extra hours when necessary. 

Alessandra is serious about her work, yet a bright, fun presence on any team. 

I don't hesitate to recommend Alessandra as a talented, reliable Artist, an excellent addition to any production.”

Aidan Harte

“Skunk Fu” Director 

Cartoon Saloon


"I had the pleasure of over seeing work by Alessandra whilst working at Cartoon Saloon in Ireland. I found her work to be of the highest order and would be happy to work with her again. Alessandra is a veritable power house of resources who could take an idea from a scrap of paper to a finished product. With excellent animation skills, great design sense and all round understanding of what is necessary in making cartoons I feel there is little she cannot accomplish given the chance.
On a personal level I find she is quick to laughter and all round good company.
I recommend Alessandra most highly and would have no problem alligning my name with her.

Mick Harrison

Art director on “Skunk Fu”

Cartoon Saloon


“It was a pleasure working with Alessandra during Skunk Fu. Her drawings are beautiful and her storyboards are funny and clever.

I would happily work with her again in the future and recommend her as a storyboard artist to any production.”

Marty Knox,

Production Manager on “Skunk Fu”

Cartoon Saloon