Rosaspina Vintage was a labor of love across three generations.

Once upon a time, my grandmother, a skilled seamstress, weaved dreams from the exotic 1950s fabrics my grandfather brought back from his voyages around the globe. These unique textiles, from the bustling markets of India to the serene landscapes of Japan, have been carefully stored for decades, awaiting their purpose.

Years later, in a tribute to their memory and their love for the exceptional, I breathed new life into these treasured fabrics with my clothing line, Rosaspina Vintage. Drawing inspiration from the past, I designed garments that showcased the allure and charm of vintage fashion.

In the heart of Turin, Northern Italy, my mother took up the mantle of my grandmother, meticulously handcrafting each design into reality. Even at the age of 97, my grandmother remained a spirited participant, her heart woven into every piece we created..

Our passion project blossomed into a first limited collection of 70 unique pieces. To our surprise, the response was overwhelming, and the collection sold out in just a few days, with customers all around the globe.

This venture gained international attention, featured in various magazines, and proudly showcased at the 2014 Milan Fashion Week. For three glorious years I've been splitting my time between animation and managing Rosaspina Vintage. However, my subsequent move to London and the escalating demands of my animation career eventually necessitated a pause in the Rosaspina Vintage journey.

Today, although Rosaspina Vintage is dormant, the invaluable memories and lessons from this chapter continue to inspire. This tale serves as a testament to the transformative power of heritage, love, and creativity, a story that, like the fabrics, continues to live on.